The Brief
YouTube Shorts was looking to scale its events for creators. Because many of their creators did not live in the same place, they turned to Double A Labs to create a Virtual World exclusively for them. In this world, the creators can get together on their own, network, or host major YouTube events full of speakers and activities. Think of it as a Soho House in the Metaverse. The World launched on October 19th, 2022.  
The Solution
As the Creative Director of this project, it was my role to bring this world to fruition from mood boarding to adding final graphics. My responsibility lied mostly on working together and communicating with the 3D designers to bring the client's vision of the space to life. Once completed, it was my job to brand the space and add any last details needed. The YouTube Shorts Creator House is made up of a Lobby, Creator Lounge, Outdoor Theater, Pool, and Virtual Photo Booth.
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